Castile Style, Lemon Scented Tea Tree Hand Wash


Castile Style Lemon Scented Tea Tree Hand Wash - 500ml


  • All-natural Castile style, Lemon Scented Tea Tree, hand wash is a combination of 3 main ingredients to ensure your hands are clean and disinfected.
  • The Olive Oil Skincare Company uses eco-friendly bamboo fines as an exfoliant to remove dead skin cells. On application the bamboo fines remove dead skin cells and ingrained grime.
  • The extra virgin olive oil contents helps regenerate and encourage the growth of new skin , assists in improving skin flexibility and helps keep the skin moist.
  • The Australian origin, Lemon Scented Tea Tree essential oil acts both as a mild disinfectant and an anti-viral.
    All the product ingredients come from natural, sustainable resources

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